Magliette dipinte a mano

1. How can I order a hand-painted t-shirt?

It’s very simple: if you have an idea to propose go directly on the “Actualize your idea” page. If you wish to order an already existing t-shirt from the gallery, specify which one and I’ll be happy to paint an identical copy for you.

2. What kind of technique is it? Are the T-shirt hand-painted or printed?

All of my T-shirts are entirely hand-painted with a technique that I “discovered” in 2004 and perfected throughout the years. I drew the first T-shirts in Malta, with a random marker for cloth that I had found by chance. Lately I almost exclusively paint with professional paint brushes and colors specific for painting on fabric, which results can be viewed here: VIDEO.

3. Does this technique last in time?

Yes, all of my hand-painted t-shirts, at the end of their processing, are ironed inside-out to seal the color and to ensure the preservation of the painting over time. It is implied that all t-shirts are to be hand washed at a temperature not greater than 40°C and ironed inside-out as per the instructions that I will attach.

4. How long does it take for the making of a painting?

It depends on the the complexity of the proposed design and the quantity of the order. However, it doesn’t usually take more than 30 days. In case of urgency it is possible to make prior arrangments accordingly.

5. What is the right format of the picture to be sent out?

I suggest you to send me the picture in the highest resolution available to you in order to help me grant you a better result.

6. Is it possibile to combine multiple pictures in one painting?

Yes. It is definitely possibile. In case you don’t have a unique shot that combines together all the subjects or landsacpes to be painted, you can send me all the individual images and I’ll take care of uniting them into one single picture.

7. How much is the shipping?

The shipment expenses are charged to the customer and vary according tho the shipping method you choose. Shipping methods:

For International Shipping the costs are to be evaluated case by case.

8. Can I send you a picture before ordering just to make sure it is ok and to know your opinion?

Of corse you can! Go to the “Create your idea” section and send me the picture you want me to assess together with a telephone number to be contacted.

9. When will I have to make the payment?

Once your painting is finished I will notify you and I’ll expose the picture of the T-shirt in the “Latest Works”. If you’re satisfied with the job you can then preceed by choosing one of the forms of payment that we provide for your purchases.

10. I’m a little skeptical on purchasing over the Internet, how can I be sure to avoide any kind of cheat?

As you may have noticed, you will only be asked for payment after seing your painting published on the “Performd Recently Work” section.  If it still isn’t enough of a guarantee for you, you can simply choose the payment method upon delivery (Contersign Check)… You can’t be more sure than that!

11. Is the data that I send protected?

All of the data that you’ll send me will only be used to carry out the art work you  requested.