Magliette dipinte a mano

Why choosing an hand painted t-shirt up22?

  1. Having absolute certainty of carefully choosing, for us or our gift for someone you care, the painting which communicates to us an emotion.
  2. The chance to wear a unique piece of clothing that sets you apart from the crowd.
  3. To be able to enjoy a work of art that each and everyday, gives us the joy of creativity.

Requesting a hand-painted t-shirt is simple:


You can ask or propose any image or design by sending me a picture via e-mail at: info@up22.it

Continue on providing all the information needed to complete the estimate request (name, surname, email, design dimensions, size, model and color of the T-shirt). Shortly after submitting all the requested data you will be contacted. I  want us to be able to schoose together the photo or composition that best suits the creation of the painting and I will then send you a quote. All this without any obligation to buy. The customer’s acceptance of the quote, upon notice by mail, will result in the beginning of the preparation and the following shipment of the order. Each piece of work will be  regularly invoiced. At my discretion I may ask a small deposit by money transfer (details or money transfer at the time of commission) or pay-pal account.

Please refer to the following table to help yourself choposing the right size (unless you provide the T-shirt):


Once the painting is done, I will upload a photo of it on the website shortly in the “Performd Recently Work”, so you can evaluate it and confirm, or request changes. You will be notified by e-mail when your hand-painted t-shirt is ready to be shipped.


Upon confirmation by email, the hand painted T-shirt will be shipped to the address you indicated. You can provide the payment using PayPal, money transfer or pay upon receipt of the goods on delivery. Remember that in case the work gets damaged during delivery or it isn’t conforming with what was agreed upon, you can send it back and you will be refunded in full (see the Purchase and Requests section for the withdrawal conditions). The final price, inclusive of taxes, will take the following factors in consideration:

For any question please do not hesitate contacting me...